With a trunk full of j-pop (part 3)

As of last writing I had abandoned, attempted to recover, and re-abandoned my first car, a 1984 Saab 900 Turbo Sedan.  As you might expect, we have not yet reached the end of this tale.

Two years after saying “fuck it” to trying to get my Saab back from my family mechanic, I found myself, one again, with an empty space in the garage.  At this point I had actually expanded my garage so it can now accommodate 3 cars and recently sold my Dune Buggy and was casually looking at buying another car.

At some point I had the thought: “You know, I have a vehicle that can tow (the Yukon).  If Dad can get the car to his house, I can just come pick it up…  Yeah…”

So I make the call.  As you could imagine the conversation is much the same.  The mechanic wants to get it running and just needs a few weeks.  This time, however, we’ve got a deadline.  If he doesn’t have it ready by the end of the month, we’re picking it up anyway.

Weeks go by.  Still no car.

I plan the trip, request the time off to come pick it up, and reserve the trailer.

Still no car.

I pack my bags and get the garage ready.

Still no car.

I load up the Cow (Yukon) with tools, supplies, and dogs and start heading south.

Still no car.

Around noon I get the call.  The car is in the driveway, CD changer still full of j-pop.  Years of effort solved in weeks by simply having the thing towed.  Why we didn’t do this year ago I’m not sure.

The rest of the story is pretty uneventful.  I arrive in Louisiana late and catch dinner with my dad.  The next day we pick up the car carrier from UHaul, with the usual amount of dicking around one expects from UHaul, and load up the car.

No drama.  No more waiting.

One day later me, my dad, two pooches, and my first car are on the road back to Tulsa.

Now the real work can begin…


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