The slow race to 200k

As mentioned in previous posts, I used to own a Saab 900.  Now I own that same Saab, only in much worse shape.  Remember kids, cars are made to be driven.

Anyway, when I got it back the things that surprised me the most were how well it fared, overall, and how many miles were on it.  191k, in fact.

So… we already know it isn’t going to be a collectors item at the mileage and with as much body damage as it has suffered over the years.  OK… so what?  Immediately my thoughts were to get her (him? I haven’t sexed the Saab yet) to 200k.

What is that going to take? (Other than another 9,000 miles you twat)  Well from the looks of it… a lot.

  • Bare minimum I am looking at needed a new starter.
  • After that, the wipers are shorted and turn on with the car, so that will need some looking at.
  • The clutch needs bled and the brake lines replaced.
  • The windshield is very, very bad and will finally need replacement too.
  • The headlights work, but the reflective material has taken its leave, so that’ll need done too.
  • The gas tank filler neck has a pretty critical leak (about 50% of the gas end up in the trunk) that’ll need addressed before too much driving can be done.
  • The tires are in good shape, but they’re 12 years old so I’m going to go ahead and call those in need of replacement too
  • Some of the wiring is overly crispy and will need redone or at least coated with insulation to prevent shorting
  • All of the fuses are a little corroded, so need to strip down the fuse box and replace all of that

Luckily after that short list we get to the cosmetics and creature comforts:

  • The blower motor may or may not work… but I am thinking not.
  • The AC will need looked at, but that can probably wait until April or May of next year.
  • The speakers and head unit are in bad shape and will need to be replaced.
  • The driver’s side window motor needs to be replaced
  • The rear deck/ parsel shelf needs to be replaced
  • The trunk mat needs to be replaced
  • If I’m honest, the driver’s door card could use some work
  • The paint is… uhhh… boned.  Super boned. Plastidip maybe?
  • The rear bumper is tweaked from a bad tow about 13 years ago, so that will need some re-alignment
  • The alloys are in good shape, but the centercaps could use a coat of paint

So yeah… minor things…  Keeping in mind I have two other project cars that need keeping up with too…

The Saab WILL drive again!


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