Evan Mackay

The slow race to 200k


As mentioned in previous posts, I used to own a Saab 900.  Now I own that same Saab, only in much worse shape.  Remember kids, cars are made to be driven.

Anyway, when I got it back the things that surprised me the most were how well it fared, overall, and how many miles were on it.  191k, in fact.

So… we already know it isn’t going to be a collectors item at the mileage and with as much body damage as it has suffered over the years.  OK… so what?  Immediately my thoughts were to get her (him? I haven’t sexed the Saab yet) to 200k.

What is that going to take? (Other than another 9,000 miles you twat)  Well from the looks of it… a lot.

Luckily after that short list we get to the cosmetics and creature comforts:

So yeah… minor things…  Keeping in mind I have two other project cars that need keeping up with too…

The Saab WILL drive again!