Hello!  This site is meant to be an exhibition of past, current, and ongoing projects and a bit of an extended CV.  I feel like a resume and Linkedin aren’t the best places to show off my “five to nine” goings on, so here we are.  Speaking of which, more professional versions of some of this information is available via Linkedin.  A resume is also available if that seems warranted.

The tone of this site is meant to be natural, if a bit causal.  That is to say I am not exercising any technical writing skills here, at least intentionally, and I haven’t poured over every sentence and paragraph to make sure the content is perfect.  Doing so is exhausting, the opposite of fun, and has a low return on investment.

So, about me eh?  The tl;dr is I am an electrical engineer based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I do silly blinky badges for Queercon, work on cars, paint, take photos, and make costumes. I dabble in a little bit of everything, my most recent being into video editing.  Professionally I am good with controls (micro and PLC in unequal measure), PCB design (obviously), and power systems.  I excel at solving problems and troubleshooting complex systems.

Updates to this site are infrequent, but I try to keep things current, +/- 2 months.

Please click the links above to explore.  Also feel free to visit my Linkedin!

Simplify and add fun.