2017 – Overland Cheap Car Challenge Road Trip

After the success of TQ West Coast, we have tentatively planned a follow up road trip for 2017.  This time we plan on Starting somewhere in Northern California and driving through as many national parks as possible and driving off-road, or “overland,” as much as possible.

The cars this time are meant to be 4×4 vehicles purchased and outfitted for less than $3,000.

It is going to be one hell of an adventure.

While doing the voice-over for the video of the first trip (that defiantly doesn’t exist) George said the infamous line:

So here we are.  Eighteen months after the first trip we set off on our second.  This time we were going to buy four wheel drive cars and use back-country and unimproved roads as much as possible to string together parks and outdoorsy sights.

It was epic.

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