With a trunk full of j-pop (part 2)

Ok… so that last post was my first attempt at artful writing.  It was a worthy experiment and it is now over.  In part 1 we read about a touching coming of age story, except without all the emotion, trials, tribulations, sex, and drinking.  Pretty much just involved an old Saab, a lot of bourbon, and Top Gear.

As previously mentioned, after watching the Saab episode of Top Gear I did get nostalgic and I did have an empty parking space in the garage, so I shot my dad a text asking what was what.  This was in  April of 2013.

Little did I know this was not going to an easy or cheap car acquisition.  The Saab had been sent to the mechanic some years previous (2004 I think?) for a starting issue and never returned.  It wasn’t a priority for either of my parents, me, or the mechanic.  So there it sat.  Fast forward to 2013 and as you would expect it needed some work.  The mechanic had worked on my family’s cars, but especially the Saab, since 2001 and we had a good friendly relationship.  He couldn’t fathom returning the car to me without it being in running order, so he got to work bringing it back up to spec.  Not having a good way of dealing with a non-running car, I figured this was a win-win.  So I waited.

And waited.

And called.

And waited.

And called.

And texted.

And waited.

Finally, after two years of texting, calling, pleading, and threatening… I gave up.  Yes, that’s right.  I said “fuck it” and forgot about my dreams of bring the old beast back under my care again.  I was in a bad place at the time.  I hated my job, was having some exceptionally painful medical problems, and my other project car wasn’t panning out.  So in order to exercise control on something in my life, I went out and bought Bessie (the Dozy Cow), my 1999 Yukon.  Long story there, but lets go with I wanted one and had looked for one for a while..  So I bough it, thus filling my theoretical garage.  And there ended the Saab saga.

Or so I thought…


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